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In line with its mission, the Group is focused on improving sustainability. The Group presently has achieved PROPER Blue status on three of its palm oil mills and Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) certification at two of its operations, with certifications presently ongoing at four other sites.

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To be a leading and sustainable plantation company

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STA Resources has assembled a very experienced leadership team, with strong industry expertise

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STA Resources manages 11 oil palm estates located in North Sumatra, West & Central Kalimantan with total 56.365 ha of land. At December 31, 2017, 30.739 ha has been planted. The Group also manages 2.900,46 ha of Plasma plantations in cooperation with smallholders.n line with its mission, STA Resources implements best agricultural practices to increase the productivity and efficiency in the planting and harvesting process. For 2017, the Group recorded an average FFB yield of 16.92 MT per ha and expects to increase this dramatically in the upcoming years with operational improvements and much of the hectarage entering prime maturity

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STA Resources owns and operates 6 palm oil mills – 5 are located in North Sumatra & 1 in Central Kalimantan, amounting to a capacity totaling 285 MT/hour.
The Group processed over 1.280.000 MT of fresh fruit bunches and produced over 256.000 of CPO and 67.000 MT of Palm Kernel in 2017.
A new 105 M/hour mill in North Sumatra is expected to commence operations in 2018.
The Group is also commencing construction of a kernel crushing and solvent extraction plant in 2018

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